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A very dull gold color, almost tarnished. Libera’s eyes contain tight spirals. He wears a large, flowing red cape, tattered at the end. Like all Mark II’s, he sports a spiked orb at the end of his stalk.

His left arm has been replaced by a mechanical prosthetic in the shape of one of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's arms.


Spiral energy, and lots of it. Spiral Power is fueled by one’s fighting spirit, and Libera is nothing if not hot-blooded. It mainly manifests as drills.


His power seems to have no perceivable limit, based only on his will to fight. The more determined he is to win, the stronger he becomes. As such, negative emotions, like despair, will weaken him, though its difficult to depress him.


A strong will renders him immune to mind control.


Determination. Endless amounts of it. Libera’s personal motto is “Kick reason to the curb and go beyond the impossible”. He also really likes to show off and will actually spontaneously burst into sessions of self-narration, telling of his exploits. Crazy Awesome is a good term for him.


The second Alpha created, he was largely unlike the other Mark II's and only fought the originals because he figured it was fun. After Omega Mark II was destroyed, he chilled out a bit and began wandering with Anti. Now, Libera hangs around with Hero Squad, joining in on their various exploits.


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Take a good hard guess at what inspired him.

His room in Hero Squad HQ is a replication of the Cathedral Terra, a gigantic, spacefaring warship fueled by Spiral Power.

Tropes that Apply to the CharacterEdit

Chaotic Good, Hot Blooded, The Ace, This is a Drill, Badass Cape, Bash Brothers (With Anti), Crazy Awesome, Calling Your Attacks (To a ludicrous degree), Combat Pragmatist, Red Oni Blue Oni (Red to Anti's Blue), I am Hero Hear Me Roar, Idiot Hero, Rated M for Manly, Awesomeness is Volatile, Determinator, Chewing the Scenery, Rule of Cool, Thinking Up Portals (Spiral Perceptual Teleportation, sorta. Couldn't find a better fit), Lightning Bruiser, The Ageless (???), Cast from HP (Giga Drill Maximum), Super Mode (Spiral Overdrive), An Arm and a Leg (Left arm), Drives Like Crazy, Artificial Limb (Left arm)