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Deceased, Warboss of the Fist of Zeromus


Black Pikmin. His flower is light blue and wilted, the stalk drooping down. His eyes exude a deathly purple glow, and he has icy blue spikes extending from the back of his head, hanging like dreadlocks. Wears a set of armor made of Primordial Saronite; it is significantly tougher than normal Saronite. His looks like tier 10. The purple set. He does not wear the helmet. He also carries about a large, two-handed axe known as Shadowmourne (, it's true power awakened by feasting on a thousand souls.


Ark'thugal holds power over Frost, Shadow (unholy), and Blood. From boiling enemies' blood, to leeching the heat from an area, to summoning the undead, the applications are many. However, the powers of the Death Knight are NOT his unique power as a Black Pikmin...

Unique Ability: Death's Spite - User explodes cataclysmically when killed.


Fire and holy light are the bane of his powers.


His saronite armor completely deflects holy light and provides impressive resilience to most other forms of attack.


Frost, darkness, and blood based powers are useless against him.


Ambitious, arrogant, bloodthirsty and power-hungry, Ark'thugal is pretty well a model Black Pikmin that many other Black Pikmin wish they could be. Has a wide cruel streak and revels in carnage. Gaining his leader's approval in his sadism has only made it worse. Much like Black Art, he sees Black Pikmin as superior.


A relatively unknown Black Pikmin. He left Zankrieg while Black Hole was the leader, as he was considered too violent. Black Scythe, on the other hand, gladly welcomed him back. His past is largely unknown.


Main: Arthas' Ascension (Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne)
Battle: Assault on New Avalon (World of Warcraft)

Vs Father: Hericide (The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth)

Finale: The Only Thing I Know For Real (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)


Originally thought up as an analogue to Skorge from Gears of War 2, eventually the Death Knight side took over.

Tropes that Apply to the CharacterEdit

Chaotic Evil, Five Bad Band (The Dragon), An Axe to Grind (Shadowmourne), Blood Knight, The Sociopath, The Social Darwinist, Bloody Murder, An Ice Person, Blood Magic, Black Magic, Sickly Green Glow (The aforementioned Black Magic), Anti-Magic (Anti-Magic Shell and Anti-Magic Zone), Power Copy (Dark Simulacrum), You Will Not Evade Me (Death Grip. Ark's in particular has an EXTREMELY long range), Black Knight, Necromancer, From Nobody to Nightmare (Now what's this doing here...?), Hidden Depths (...?), Evil Counterpart (To Theta), Prestige Class (Sort of? He's basically an amped up version of a Death Knight), Villainous Valor (Stays behind in Ludibrium to buy the rest of the Black Pikmin time to retreat), Wrecked Weapon (Shadowmourne), Taking You With Me (His unique ability), The Soulless (???), Killed Off for Real