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Currently alive


He's very much like Kei in a certain fashion but instead of being blue...he's white with blue lines running across him. His eyes shine with an azure colored light. He wields two extremely sharp daggers. He has an azure glow to him and his flower is just energy.


He has the full powers over Dark Light. Trying to take this power away from him is practically impossible for he'll move it away from you. He has all the Dark Light abilities as well making him a quite formidable opponent though for unknown reasons...he cannot transform into any further states then he is in now without help of some kind. His powers prevent him from killing someone unless he breaks his own power to do so (which means that he would have to kill himself just to kill anyone that he is facing). This means that his strikes will lead to the opponent falling into a very deep coma that they will likely never awaken from except if he is finally killed off.


Dark Light (Extreme weakness (the way to drive him back into Kei’s body…he can really only be set down into a comatose state otherwise) and can only put others into a comatose like state. He is also weak against ice and earth. He is quite weak to virtue-aligned elements.


Fire, darkness, and light.


Poison (does not affect him in the least) or Physical Attacks…


Very silent and will attack without even talking once. He doesn't even try to talk to anyone. His breaths are often the only way to get what he is saying (but since the breaths all sound the is rather difficult to figure out what he is saying). He will attack without hesitation and no mercy is spared for his opponents.


He/It is the Dark Light Parasite and is the very essence of it that has taken physical shape. It escaped the collapsing dimensional realm and into the real world where it is recuperating and gathering its power together. It is now back in Dark Ofaia's body.


Main Theme: Kikai - Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (

Battle Theme: Time Reaper - Castlevania: Judgment (


  • Well....this is Dark Light Kei but I named him differently.
  • He starts out weak at first since he's without a body and all that (being a symbiotic parasite)...


Chaotic Evil, The Symbiote, Takes One To Kill One, ...