• Nyte Lurker

    Some Thoughts

    April 8, 2012 by Nyte Lurker

    I really am not a music person, so I don't have any idea for what themes I want for my characters. I suppose you could add theme music for some of my minor characters like, say, Protoblade, but I really would not want others to choose music for my main characters, even though I don't have a vast knowledge base with regards to themes. However, I'd prefer it if the really awesome music is saved for major characters, since minor characters are, well, only of minor importance.

    Note that characters I put into the Major Characters category, such as Jhiaxus, Necrolord, and the Correctors, are generally ones I plan to have as recurring characters. Just keep that in mind. I feel like including a Rogues Gallery would be the best way to keep this RP r…

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  • Shadow Olimar23

    I just wanted to portray this fight correctly with music that seem to fit.

    1. The first half of the first part of the fight:

    Sonic 1 Final Zone Remix (Collision) - Malcos


    Drums of Insanity - Doctor Who

    2. The second half of the first part of the fight:

    San Kenshi - Sacred Blacksmith

    2. The interlude (aka Memory Scene and Mindscape Scene):

    Memory Scene: Rose's Theme - Doctor Who

    Mindscape Scene (where Aura met with her previous incarnation): Face of Boe - Doctor Who

    Resolved: Toclafane Rising - Doctor Who

    3. The Second Part of the Fight:

    Battle (under the Eclipse) - Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

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  • Shadow Olimar23


    November 17, 2010 by Shadow Olimar23

    I'm just going to make this absolutely clear. General categories are going to be added in by me. Everything that's not general to the RP (aka being that the category is one of the user's creations) is fair game to be added in by the other users (well the user that came up with the idea that would be the category).

    I'm just plain annoyed by various factors with regards to college. Sorry everyone....

    I just want to set the ground rules for the time being.

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  • Shadow Olimar23

    The things that she ensnares into her army have their souls trapped in her shadowy mist for all of eternity (constantly being tortured but kept alive just barely). The stronger ones are made into stronger shadow creatures. No one can free the souls from her or take them from her except for Aura. The army will keep coming back just like her other selves (but if you kill them off then they will appear again after a few minutes (though if you can keep them down in numbers then you'll most likely win). The best way to stop them is to take out Lilith directly. The army is not all at one strength level and so they can be at any range but they are generally weaker than Lilith's current level. Most of them are cannon-fodder while the rest are not.…

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