Waltiz V3Edit

Character TypeEdit

Normal, Bonus Boss-grade when provoked




A biomechanical pikmin with Blue hair and yellow eyes with red pupils. His head is black, but the rest of his body is grey. He typically wears a Black Coat ( His body is reinforced by magitek armor, and he wields a magitek staff.


He has many different abilities he can use, both involving gadgets and magic. He can cast many kinds of black magic from his staff, including elemental magic of all kinds and status-damaging magic, and can create weapons of pure elemental energy. He also has several energy weapon armaments hidden on his body, like laser cannons, plasma missiles, etc. Some of the gadgets he has built and can use include a portable anti-magic field, which can temporarily disable enemy magic, a short-distance teleportation device, and a Inertia reflection barrier, which temporarily makes projectile attacks (Such as bolters) reflect off him and back at the ones who fired them at him, but not magic. He also has limited control over machinery, and can control nearby robot and mechanisms. He can also make cyborg enemies do nasty things to themselves with their robotic parts. 


Fire and electricity.


Water, ice, and light.


Poison (He is a machine)


Tough, unpredictable, and very intelligent, yet very friendly, chaotic and mischievous.


Formerly know as Waltiz, he use to be Stone's/Golgoth's left hand min and servant, but he abandoned him after being defeated by Red and finding out that he had killed her best friend, Gust/Calypso. After a brief period of tomfoolery and Stone/Golgoth being defeated for good, he took his place, and has been making upgrades to himself using notes stolen from Stone and Gear. He now wants to build a army of machines and take PNF-404 for all of robot-kind.


Theme: Encounter! Colress (Pokemon Black 2/White 2) (

In Battle: Drill-X Part 3 (Skylanders Giants) (



Tropes that Apply to the CharacterEdit

Chaotic Neutral, Magitek, Black Mage, Black Cloak, Robotic Psychopath, Technopath, Cloud Cuckoolander, Genius Bruiser, Gadgeteer Genius, Ax Crazy, Mad Scientist, Screwy Squirrel, Elemental Weapon, Blow You Away, Psychic Powers, Beware The Silly Ones, Dragon-in-Chief