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He is an extreme dark gray in color. His eyes are entirely black and he has a constant supply of angelic swords circling around him. His leaf is yellow in color and it seems to be glowing with an unknown power residing inside of it.


He doesn’t exactly use one blade to fight with and can use all the blades at once with a very special method. His main power however is robbing the special powers or abilities of a weapon that is nearby to him (the robbed special powers go to him for the time being of the fight). He can rob more than one weapon of its power but this is more difficult to do so. If there is no one around then he simply gains a random ability set from either his blades or just a very random special ability set from nowhere in particular. He is a master with the sword. If he is killed then he simply turns into a broken blade (of his original blade form). He can go into later forms like the others and summon his own blade form to his side. He has other powers that he can use.


Light, Darkness, Ranged attacks, and Water


Earth, melee attacks.


Fire and Physical Attacks.


Very cold and calculating. He doesn’t believe that there is a right or a wrong. He only believes that there is punishment for anyone who believes otherwise. He is not against violence but he often tries to be away from it unless otherwise possible. He can get into a foul mood and when that happens then you should watch out.


One of the blade spirits released by Jade but nothing else is known about him.


Main Theme: Two Steps from Hell - Love and Loss (

Battle Music: Immediate Music - Fury Unleashed (

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Lawful Evil, The Caligula, Even Evil has Standards, ******* Understudy, My Master Right or Wrong, ...