Type of CharacterEdit


Blood Flare: Extra Boss




A heavily scarred, muscular Red Pikmin, wearing a tattered red kilt held onto his frame only by an equally tattered belt. He also carries a massive, double-edged axe made of wood and carved with runes of power; it weighs nearly a ton, yet Broxigar wields it as if it weighs nothing.


Hugely strong, capable of lifting extremely heavy objects like nothing. His axe is magic, and is as sharp and dense as diamond. As a Bloodseed red, he carries a particularly strong Blood Flare, but usually attempts to repress it, fearing the blood frenzy it sends him into.

Weaknesses & ResistancesEdit

Nothing outside of your ordinary red Pikmin, it seems, though he does appear to have almost limitless stamina.




Jovial, yet strict. Brox does not shy from much of anything, be it a party or a battle, yet there seem to be certain things that set him off. For one, he's not particularly fond of the squealing of Dwarf Bulborbs... his reasons, however, are his own.




Main: The Shaping of the World (World of Warcraft)
Battle: Nikopol (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)


Based on the Orc of the same name from the Warcraft series.

Broxigar's room in Hero Squad HQ is little more than a small hill with an unmarked gravestone atop it. He spends a single hour here each day.

Tropes that Apply to the CharacterEdit

Neutral Good, An Axe to Grind, Screaming Warrior, Unstoppable Rage, The Big Guy, Super Strength, Man in a Kilt, Berserk Button, Good Scars Evil Scars