Calypso, Gust, RidleyEdit

She is no longer known as "Ridley" and only the dragon that once resided within her is known as Ridley now.

Type of CharacterEdit

Main Character, Extra Boss-grade


Her spirit is free and all memory of her has been wiped from Red's mind. His feelings though, haven't disappeared with her.

She's actually still somewhere in the world... as a ghost.


No personal appearance anymore. Within Red's mind, she may appear to be an extremely vivid memory. A blue pikmin with a single katana sheath across her back.


Her DNA has dragon within it too (which came from Ridley), lending her immense power in various ways. She rarely accesses this power though. Although she cannot become a dragon or anything of the sort, the draconic DNA still lends her much strength automatically.


She's already dead, only something that is a threat to a spirit, ghost, or soul is any threat now.

Resistances & ImmunitiesEdit

Again, she's already dead. She can wiped from existence but that would take an extreme force to do.


She seems to be highly conflicted somehow. It may perhaps be that she feels she is of no use to anyone any more. Her exact feelings are seemingly impossible to read.


A blue pikmin that was originally a parasite. It infested a young dragon and a mutation resulted in a blue pikmin that could transform into a dragon (when agitated sufficently). Contact with the substance known as black nectar has separated the dragon's consciousness from her though and the dragon has since, been killed.

She once worked for Stone.

She has a deeply involved relationship with Red.


Empty Tome (Castlevania: Order of Eccessia)

Battling alongside/against Red: Dialga's Fight to the Finish (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky)


Original character and made to be a powerful partner and rival to Red. This has changed over time obviously.