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She is a teal in color. Her eyes are normal but her flower isn’t. It seems to be disfigured in multiple ways. There are specks of a grainy substance surrounding her at all times but not enough to distort what she really is. She has a sword-shaped birthmark on her back. She is a bit smaller than a regular teal pikmin. Her bud is light brown in color.


Her power is a bit hard to find out since anyone who has would forget about them in an instant after meeting her. She can manipulate the elements through other beings and very basically fire back some elemental attacks sent at her. All of her powers are clearer when she goes into her high forms. She can also block physical attacks with the blade that she can summon. She can use the grainy substance surrounding her to do many things with but the most common is using it to defend herself. She seems to turn into a broken blade (the very blade that she summons) when she is killed off (she won’t come back until she is repaired).


Ice, Light, and Holy


Fire, Water, and Electricity


Earth and Wind


She is rather defensive at all times. It is never clear to her that some pikmin can be good and her emotions can get in the way, all the time. She hates any and all pikmin or other beings coming towards her without giving them a chance to explain themselves.


She was a blade spirit who was released from the sword that she was in by Jade. All she wanted was to be left alone or to be never seen. Jade convinced her that she would be left alone.


Main Theme: Kokoro no Kizuato - Claymore

Alternate Theme: A Once Proud People - Immediate Music (

Battle Theme: Vengeance - Immediate Music (

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Neutral Evil, My Master Right or Wrong, The Baroness, Dark Magical Girl, and Pelagian Villain.