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Status (Alive, Dead, Leader, and etc)Edit

Very much alive


She is a white pikmin with a variety of markings on her. The most common one found is of that of spinning thread. She seems to have a cold death-like aura around her. Her form seems to shift in response to whoever she’s talking too.


She can alter time in one place around her to her advantage. She can send pretty much anything into the future or the past if she needs to do so. It is rarely done since she doesn’t have full control over that power yet. Her powers cannot be blocked or influenced when they reach her later levels. She can summon her blade and release herself to go into later forms. Her powers are more extensive after that. If she dies then she returns to her blade form and breaks in half. Her form can also shift and she is part ethereal. She can influence the fates of others.


Physical attacks, water, electricity, and light


Darkness, Earth, and Ice


Time and Space


She’s very wary of others. She seems to be very cold and distant whenever one speaks to her. It is up to her whether she attacks someone or not. She does decide more often that someone isn’t worth her time. She is pretty happy at all times except for when she is battling.


One of the blade spirits that Jade released and recruited to her side. Nothing else is known about her.


Main Theme: Eureka - Eureka Seven (

Battle Theme: Apostle 4 - Melissa - Fairuzonss (


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Neutral Evil, Screw Destiny (she literally can do this with her time abilities), Evil Minion, and...