She is a blue pikmin with a witch’s hat on her head. It hides her blue glowing flower underneath it. She is in all appearances a witch. Her eyes are in the shadows of her hat so you really cannot see them. If you could then she has emerald green glowing eyes. Her whole body seems to glow with the power of her witchcraft. She is always preceded by her familiar (a life energy spirit).


She is very advanced in her witchcraft and knows many spells that would help her out in battle. She can even make herself immune to damage for awhile with one of her spells. She can even influence time and space with some of her spells. Her spells are only limited by her own imagination and sometimes by what ingredients that she has. She can summon her own sword if needed and it has many magical properties to it. She can go into later forms like all the other blades. If she dies then she returns to sword form and breaks in half. She is very into medicinal herbs and fixing her fellow blade spirits. She has a wide knowledge of everything that there is about medicinal herbs. She knows how to treat everything from wounds to some illnesses.


Physical attacks, water, and chaos


Poison, holy energy, and unholy energy.


Spells and Blood


She is quite crafty in both battle and in any other situation. She doesn’t like to be kept waiting at all and will often completely ignore everyone in the surrounding area as she does whatever she does. She will help out her fellow blade spirits in any way shape or form. She can also be quite skeptical.


She used to be a pikmin before being trapped within a sword (by a snapdragon scroll which turned into said sword after absorbing her into it when she was weakened by Ofaia) and becoming a sword spirit. She has a great hatred for the one who did so. Her pride was what Jade released along with her memories. Jade released her during that whole process. She’s one of the few spirits who knows what Jade’s plans are. She is basically the third in command.


Main Theme: Two Steps From Hell - Rising Force (

Battle Theme: Two Steps From Hell - Magika (


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Wicked Witch, Chaotic Evil, Worthy Opponent, Obviously Evil, ...