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He is a black pikmin with a white blade (that becomes his bow and arrow). He seems to be always proceeded by a black mist about four hundred feet around him. This mist appears to be almost sentient. The black pikmin seems to be way bigger than a regular black pikmin and has multiple scars all over his body. His eyes are completely yellow and have a strange red dot in the middle of them. His flower is floating above his head.


His powers are completely weird. The mist can be extremely acidic to everyone but him and those who he allows in. The mist can take on other characteristics as the needs are required. It can even become a potent healing agent for the user or anyone inside of it that Erebus allows it to heal. He can control the mist in other ways as well even separate parts of it. If someone even tries to wield the mist for him or herself then they’re going to be thrown around for a bit of time for their actions. His powers are much more dangerous as he goes up into the other two forms that he can achieve. He can summon a bow and arrow which he uses to strike his opponents with and he often hits his target or the target’s weapon. The arrow either breaks or jams the weapon that it hits. If the weapon has certain special properties then it robs the weapon of all of those properties for a short time. The arrow if it hits a sentient being then it will only hurt them or if it hits armor then it carries on extremely acidic effects to melt the armor away no matter how tough it is. If he is killed then his blade snaps in half (meaning that he is dead…just like the other sword spirits)


Light, Fire, and Holy energy.


Acid, unholy energy, and ice.


Darkness and Water


He seems to be very laid back in all situations. He doesn’t like to fight and so his mist takes on that personality meaning that it will only do enough to drive away the aggressor. He is very friendly in comparison with the other sword spirits. The fact is that he doesn’t like to kill and will only leave someone unconscious if they try to fight with him.


All that is known that he was freed by Jade. He has taken a liking to Jade and has become her second in command.


Main Theme: Shattered - X-Ray Dog (

Battle Theme: “Akkadian Empire” - Audiomachine (

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The Dragon, Lawful Evil, Wicked Culture, Evil Virtues, Evil Weapon, Affably Evil, ...