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He is a wind spirit that is practically invisible to everything but someone with a heightened sense of sight could see him more than others. If he were looked at then it would be as if you could see just a few small faint lines here or there. He is extremely light and usually travels where the wind takes him.


He has full control of the wind element and only uses it to attack relentlessly and move exceptionally fast so that he can do hit and run attacks. He can also use it to hide or cause tremendous damage. If he is attacked with a physical attack then he is split apart into several smaller wind versions of himself. All of these smaller beings of him are capable of attacking and also doing a joint attack which is much more dangerous than when he is entirely whole. He cannot die from physical attacks. He can heal himself if he is near some sort of wind attack.






Wind (only is healed by it)


He has a personal vendetta against Urie or practically any elemental fire user. He hates anyone who uses the fire element. He does like to be around those that use the wind element more often and sometimes with the earth element or water element. He is indifferent to any electric element users. He likes screwing with everyone that he meets but he rarely finds time with battling someone and often blows off a challenge like it is nothing and leaves in an instant. He likes Keijo somewhat but doesn’t enjoy being with him. He is somewhat of an assassin in battle.


He was born from an experiment that went haywire toward the very end. He simply was there when it blew up. There is nothing known about of why he was born or how it was done. It is simply impossible to recreate the way that Erion was created because Keijo has erased all records of this experiment gone haywire.


Main Theme: Revelations - Veigar (

Battle Theme:
The Epic Assassin - Future World Music (

Alternate Battle Theme:
Heavy Static - Future World Music (


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Lawful Neutral, ...