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He looks like an exceptionally dark yellow pikmin (with no long ears like the lighter yellows do). His eyes are blue. He is much bigger than the regular yellow and he wears what looks like a crooked blade by his side. His body seems to be not entirely there as you can practically see right through parts of him from one moment to the next.


His power is literally as his name suggests. He can make himself fade away making all attacks become useless against him. It’s his most defensive power that he can use. There are different levels of which he can fade to but that one is the best one. He tends to use the lower ones which do tend to make attacks do less damage to him then they originally would if he were entirely whole. He can also make himself completely unseen by any method used by the opponent. In his later forms, he can literally stop most range attacks before they reach him but that’s not all. If he is killed then he returns to his blade form and snaps in half (until he is repaired but he stays like that). He can summon his blade form from out of nowhere and wield it. He has a heightened awareness and senses so he absolutely cannot be surprised by anyone or anything.


There’s much to say except that he might be weak to more than what would be called weaknesses. He is weak to practically everything that he is not resistant or immune too.


Earth, poison (only slows him down), and unholy energy.


Fatigue (will never get tired at all), Ice, and Electricity.


He is a sneaky, shady, and playful being. He doesn’t like to be seen at all and when he is seen then he tends to try to hide even further. He won’t attack unless provoked and most of the time it is a quick attack before he disappears completely.


He is a blade spirit who was freed by Jade in the course of time from his (Fade’s) master. It is unknown of who his master was at the time and the one goal that he focused on that Jade sensed was freedom and to never be seen.


Main Theme: Awesome Dramatic Piano Beat 2/Orchestra - wesplaysguitargood

Alternate Theme: Sadness - The Red Violin (

Battle Theme: Apocalypse - Immediate Music (


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Lawful Neutral, Butterfly Of Doom, ...