Fighting in Ruins RP


This is a Wiki for everything that is about the Pikmin RP, Fighting in Ruins. It was created by Kirbyfreak411 after the previous one died out due to some problems. The original RP was created by Pieflinger (originally known as Fight for Peace), although he never actually got all that involved. He left before the second topic even started. It is on the Wolf Fighting (Atari2600) Message Board on Gamefaqs. If you wanted to know something about a certain character that exists or about something else then you may find it here.

Fighting in Ruins News

2/25/11: The threat level assessment thing is still being done. I'm still working on it.

2/28/11: I'm taking a bit of a break on the threat level assessment parts but I will get back to work on them at a later date. I have added several history dumping places onto this wiki just for the logs...

It's so that the logs won't be lost forever when the last or current RP topic is brought down for some reason....

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