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Day Boss

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He is almost an exact copy in appearance to Pensri but not quite so. He instead has a white flower that glows and his eyes are entirely black. He is a very pale blue pikmin who is wispy in appearance. It doesn't matter how. He just is. His flower absorbs sunlight and he can store that sunlight inside of his body for further uses. He can use this to stay past his usual hour of disappearing. The time of disappearing is at dusk for him. His body gets warped beyond comparison once the time of day is at the exact hour before dusk and to the very time of dusk.


Very simply the power of sunlight. He can manipulate sunlight in any way shape or form and concentrate to make it very devastating. He can sometimes reflect the sun itself to burn everything underneath the new ray of sunlight. It really depends on how much sunlight there is at the time that he does use one of his powers. The sunlight is important to him and without it he would just disappear until there was sunlight again. He can use and manipulate sunlight in every single way possible. It is at the very hour before dusk that his full potential is achieved.


It is not really known of what is the weakness of Helios except for darkness though a minor one. It is also been said that he is weaker in the shadows (but more likely that this is due to shadow energy). He is also weak to a certain thing called anti-life energy.


His resistances are gained throughout the day and then reset on the next day. This makes it hard to know the resistances that he has right now.




Very brash and rude to the extreme. He's never one for polite conversation and has a knack for getting others angry at him. He does this on purpose for absolutely no reason at all. He hates Pensri but he deals with having to see her for an hour before he completely winks out of existence until daytime comes again.


He is much more known because of his abilities. It is simply one thing to talk than to do something. He does things way over the top and it has been found that there is a connection between Helios and Pensri. Pensri is the same half of the same side. Both never truly existing until the other one is gone...


Main Theme: Family - Zoids Genesis by Nakagawa Koutarou (

Battle Theme: Shisshou - Full Metal Panic


Helios exists outside the flow of time.


Lawful Neutral, Coaster, The Smart Guy, and...