Type of CharacterEdit

Final Boss, Anti-Hero/Villian




A normal red by all appearances, except that there are two thorns that sprout from his stalk, just below his leaf.

His expression is typically very stony and serious.


Intense speed and fighting ability. His fists are as deadly as any blade or bullet.

Due to control over Calcifer, he had control over fire and could call a Hell Avatar.

His innate abilities included being able to sprout and fire off plant thorns like spikes, he usually did this from his hands. Being a Bloodseeder, he could also experience Blood Flare, but this never appeared in the RP.


Ranged attack. He closes the distance in a flash though so ranged attackers had best make their shots count before he get up in and breaks their face to slivers with his fist.

He has no more resistance to anything than a regular red pikmin.


Because he's so swift and terribly fast, he's hard to hit most of the time; he'll generally evade or block an attack and swiftly counter.


Being a red, he's naturally immune to fire. That's it.


Cold and very, very serious. There's no fooling around with him. Whenever he fights, he always means business. In a close fight, he seems to near insanity.

That aside, he seems to show an odd sense of compassion for his brother Red, hating his brother at the same time strangely enough. He seems to like Red's aggression and hatred and wants his brother to embrace his killer instinct.

He holds an emmense persecution against other pikmin colors: he considers all colors except red inferior, reds to be respectable, Bloodseeders to be surpreme over them all, and himself, as being the best overall living.


He has been chasing Red for years upon decades. Ever since Red met Calypso/Gust, he has hated Red. Only recently, Red fought Jack and a Hell Avatar was summoned. In an intense three-way battle on the Avatar's back, Red, Brimstone, and Jack fought each other (Brimstone was after Calcifer trapped within Jack). Red's inner-nature (that became the Blood Joker) was drawn out through Red's hatred and anger, which turned into Jack's downfall.


SA-X (Metroid Fusion)

Battle: Vs. Ganon Revived (Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons)


He truly was the best among the Bloodseed, second only possibly to Red. He's not an easy foe.