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Alive, Warboss of the Rakuen Maigo, Admin of Fist of Zeromus


A black pikmin with white eyes and black pupils wearing black ninja-like armor with a skull symbol in the middle. He wields a large katana-like sword and a ElectroDriver. He speaks Japanese and English.


He can blend in with the shadows, giving him a cloaking effect that makes him almost invisible, much like a Vehemoth Phosbat. Even in the light, he can still remain unseen and camouflage with his surroundings like a chameleon. He is incredibly agile, and can deflect projectile attacks with his sword and counter physical attacks easily. He can split into several copies of himself which, while they have low health, will team up on all attack the enemies at once. He can do a special slice which sends out a shockwave-shaped burst of energy forwards which explodes and does medium damage to any opponent it hits, can fire shurikens, lightning, or SHURIKENS THAT SHOOT LIGHTNING from his ElectroDriver, can throw shurikens and kunai at opponents, and can fire a very large, dragon shaped blast of dark energy from his sword at his opponents which does major damage to the opponents unless they are resistant to darkness.


Light, poison, and fire.


Darkness, water, electricity, and ice.




He is quiet, intelligent, and calm. Unlike most Black Pikmin who are bloodthirsty brutes, he has a sense of honor and tries to avoid unnecessary bloodbaths.


One of the top members of the Fist of Zeromus and the leader of the Rakuen Maigo, he specializes in stealth and infiltration, and is a main member of the Stealth Squad. His unique personality for a black pikmin gets him some ire from lower-ranked Black Pikmin, but he is quick to shut them up with his abilities and skill.


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Character belongs to Bat; I have uploaded him because I think he's a pretty damn good example of a Black Pikmin.

The ElectroDriver is based off of the weapon of the same name from Painkiller.

Tropes that Apply to the CharacterEdit

Neutral Evil, Badass, Authority Equals Asskicking, Instant Awesome, Just Add Ninjas, Lightning Bruiser, Genius Bruiser, Noble Demon, Lightning Guns, Sword and Gun, Katanas are Just Better, Sword Beams, Doppelganger Spin