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Undead, Primary Disciple of Frost


A Black Pikmin in plated, blue-tone saronite armor. Has two large fangs protruding up from his lower jaw. His left eye is covered by an eye patch; a large scar reaching across the left eye can be seen. His right eye glows icy blue. Has forged a new pair of runeblades within the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, Icebringer and Soulreaper.


The primary disciple of Frost, raised by Ark’thugal before he left the city. Karrak holds command over not just ice, but rather the entire concept of heat, or lack thereof, capable of leeching heat from his surroundings and enemies to speed his and others own attacks. As the primary disciple, he attacks VERY quickly - almost blindingly so - and can carve through entire platoons by himself in seconds. His very presence seems to lower the temperature by several degrees, demoralizing enemies. He may empower any disciple of Frost, or induct new ones from the risen dead.

Unique Ability: Twisted Reflection. Places a dark malediction upon the target, allowing Karrak to perfectly mimic any attack or technique they use, even non-offensive ones.


Fire screws with his powers, as he controls temperature. Water in general pisses him off, as it has a nasty habit of freezing on contact with him.


Ice and extreme temperatures. Killing him seems abnormally difficult. Does not need to be near his teammates to survive.




Cold and uncaring. He goes about his teaching of Frost disciples, and even killing people, with a detached manner. Sort of a “live and let live” personality, twisted in the most horrible way possible.


Karrak, alongisde Putricide and Koltira, was raised from the dead by Ark'thugal before he left Zankrieg on the war effort. He is the Primary Disciple of Frost.


Main: Song of the Gods (Disgaea 2)
Battle: Last Day (Majora’s Mask)


Based on a Frost DK in my raid guild in World of Warcraft.

Tropes that Apply to the CharacterEdit

An Ice Person, Dual Wielding, Power Trio (With Koltira and Putricide; Karrak is the Ego), Lawful Neutral, The Combat Pragmatist, The Stoic, Power Copying