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Alive, Warboss of the Powah Boyz


A standard black pikmin with rather large arms. The backs of his arms have an array of barbs on them like briars. He's quite large in stature, smaller overall than Scythe but bigger than many other black pikmin.

After becoming a Warboss, he was gifted with the Cloak of Thorns, a metallic cape covered in spikes.


The barbs on his arms are quite durable and he uses them in a fight to literally shred opponents alongside punching the opposition's lights out. His arms are actually very durable overall and can absorb an incredible amount of damage; he tends to use the backs of his arms as shields. Those that think they can simply cut up his arms and slice through them will be in for a nasty surprise.
He's gotten a level of control over dark energy; nothing great, but enough that he can generate a mild barrier (or contribute to one) if he needs to.
Like most black pikmin (and especially those in his squad), he's got immense physical power.

Unique Ability: Razor Barbs. The aforementioned barbs on his arms.


He's a bit vulnerable from behind. Otherwise, he's a rather challenging opponent overall. Ranged attackers can attack from a distance without fear of counter-attack (until he gets up in their face anyways).

After becoming a Warboss, he was granted the Cloak of Thorns to protect his back.


Attacking his arms with any form of attack is ineffective, they can stand up to even many elements. He's as stubborn to fall as most black pikmin are. He specializes in close-combat.




A pragmatist in many ways. His allegiances are mostly towards Scythe of course, but only because of his raw power. He loves a good challenging fight and as a result, hates weaklings for the lack of challenge in them. Like all black pikmin, he loves to fight, one way or another.




Battle Theme: Vs. Elemental Fiend (Final Fantasy IV)


Another Black Pikmin belonging to another person; this one belongs to Kirbyfreak. Another good example of a Black Pikmin trooper.