On the edge of Mushroom Forest.


Little actual weather gets through the mushrooms, and the humidity is near 100%. It is perfect mushroom growing weather.

Ruler/Ruling PartyEdit

The mayor/town legislature of Kittith.

Terrain EffectsEdit

The humidity results in an almost contsant, although very thin, mist in Kittith. This makes ice attacks produce a thicker mist and electric attacks to have increased range. Also, fires are hard to start because of the humidity.


The town hall is engineered so that all terrain effects become neutralized, mainly to stop the spread of Shroomin. The town tavern is a large mushroom that died and was hollowed out to serve as a grill and bar. There is also a mysteriously present California Redwood that has been growing unhindered by the mushrooms for decades. No one knows how it got there.


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Ravenous Whiskerpillars keep the mushroom population in chech by eating the small ones, laying eggs, and dying, which causes them to be digested by the larger mushrooms. By the time more mushrooms sprout, more Whiskerpillars are around to eat them and continue the cycle.