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Deceased, Primary Disciple of Blood


A Black Pikmin in red-toned, plated saronite armor. Is slightly larger and more muscular than your usual Black ‘min. Blood drips from his eyes, which also glow a bloody red. Stitches can be seen running all around his body. He forged a new weapon for himself in the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, an axe called the Maw of the Damned.


The primary disciple of Blood, raised by Ark’thugal before he left the city. Koltira holds command over blood, a terrifying ability in general. Every blow he deals to other heals him and nearby allies. His very presence bolsters nearby allies’ defenses, and he can take hits like a tank. He may empower any Blood disciple, or induct new ones from the freshly raised.

Unique Ability: Blood Mirror. Corrupts the target's blood, causing any damage Koltira inflicts to others to also happen to the target. This effect has a limited range and will dissipate if the victim puts enough distance between themselves and Koltira. He may only mark a single victim with this effect at a time.


No readily apparent weaknesses. However, exceedingly powerful blows can stagger him, putting him off-guard for seconds at a time. Additionally, he doesn’t actually hit particularly hard.


Physical damage. His healing factor is greatly increased by causing damage to others, and by a select few abilities he possesses, making it extremely difficult to kill him. Does not need to be near his teammates to survive.


Blood control.


Gung-ho, headstrong, and not without justification. Koltira relishes in the havoc he can cause, implacably tearing through enemies.


Koltira, alongside Putricide and Karrak, was risen from the dead by Ark'thugal before he left Zankrieg on the war effort. He is the Primary Disciple of Blood.


Main: A rapid, arrhythmic heartbeat

Battle: 1,000,000 Miles (Batch remix)


Named for Koltira Deathweaver, but not particularly like the guy.

Tropes that Apply to the CharacterEdit

Neutral Evil, Overdrawn at the Blood Bank (Bleeds a lot more than he really ought to be able to), Bloody Murder, Bloodier and Gorier, Family Unfriendly Death (Killing someone by pulling all of their blood out?), High Pressure Blood, Your Head Asplode (Fond of this), Pink Mist, Vampiric Draining, Power Trio (With Karrak and Putricide; Koltira is the Id), Killed Off for Real