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Lambda 0.2 has a lot of amplifiers in its body taking up mostly everything in it. It has multiple arms and hands which any of these could change into weapons. But the best part of it is the physical strength of it which means that it has about forty floating arms and hands around it. It has two arms that are connected to it. It is painted a dark yellow color and it almost resembles a real pikmin. It is slow and not very good at defense. It usually goes out in an all out attack. It has several boosters along its arms, legs, and body to dodge or attack with. It is basically a berseker model of the robots. It has very good surge protectors on the inside of it to protect itself from electricity.


It has tremendous strength to use at anytime due to the amplifiers and boosters in his arms. It can also control many of his arms at once to attack with or make something with. Lambda 0.2's arms attached to its body can morph their shape into different weapons. This can also be done with his forty arms that are not attached to his body. It strikes with heavy but powerful blows. It has several options for weapons but it doesn't use all of them. It commands all other robots under its command.


Ice (slows it down and hurts it a lot), Electricity (cannot really fry Lambda 0.2 but it stuns for awhile), and Wind


Fire, Water, and Earth...


Poison and Light


It is almost in a bad mood and only listens to Keijo. If Lambda 0.2 had anything to say about it is that it would kill something else. Lambda 0.2 appears to be one easily goaded into a fight but it is a different matter. If Lambda 0.2 really goes after you then you're screwed unless the machine is called back. Lambda 0.2 is very loyal to Keijo unlike Lambda Zero or Lambda 0.1.


It was made by Keijo to be his commander of all robotic forces around any of his labs that had been made into bases. Currently, it was stationed on a small air ship to protect whatever was on there until it was needed elsewhere. It has no problem with moving elsewhere and has almost no memory of key events and so is completely loyal to Keijo. It is the third in the series of more powerful robotic creations.


Breath of Fire III - Dangerous Feeling (

Cutting Edge Of Notion - Star Ocean (


Super Strength, Lawful Neutral, Three Laws Compliant, and...