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Alive (sort of dead)


He is a shadow pikmin and if you blew away all the shadowy mist surrounding him then you would find that it is a blue pikmin. There are eyes in the pikmin but they aren't that great for seeing instead they see movement so well that they are able to perceive attacks before they are even made. This is not one of his primary features. The main distinction is of his shadowy wings.


Levia has the power of the shadows and controls it pretty well. He has the same shadow-like mist surrounding him and his mist can make other pikmin hallucinate (no immunity can stop this). If anything at all is that he can use and control water as well. He can combine both together to attack and keep on attacking. He forms a small shadow axe in both of his hands to fight with. He has greater potential against anyone with any sort of dark energy inside of them. His ears can hear anything from a extremely far distance away off even if it is at the lowest or highest decibel of sound possible. He can sense the movement or motions of others to guess their attacks and moves to dodge them. Levia has the power to hide in the shadows and even create more shadows (when light or darkness hits) so he can hide in them to avoid attacks.


Ice, Shadow Energy, and Fire


Physical Attacks, Earth, and Wind.


Water (not-able-to-be-pierced).


Very brutal and rarely even talks except to those killed by his attacks. He used to be happy and kind but that changed when he was turned into a shadow pikmin. He is now cold and ruthless and rarely listens to reason if any at all. He is extremely loyal to Lilith and will see to it that the one insulting Lilith is dead by tomorrow.


He was a normal blue pikmin until Lilith found him. He tried fighting against Lilith and kept his mouth closed as he fought against her but he was finally beat into submission by Lilith's servant and got his mouth opened up by Lupus. The shadowy mist from Lilith poured through into his body and changed him. He became harsher and colder in almost no time. He became the ears for Lilith so she knows mostly about anything that is going on.


Main Theme: Kantai Shiki - Gundam seed destiny (

Battle Theme: 4 - A Disturbance - (Requiem) - Fairuzonss (


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Evil Minion, Co Dragons (with Lupus for a short while), Chaotic Evil, The Corruptible, Brainwashed And Crazy, Demonic Possession, Defiled Forever, ...