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Status (Alive, Dead, Leader, and etc)



He is a shadow pikmin. His flower isn't even there and his eyes are gone. If anyone were to take away the shadow energy then they would find a multi-colored pikmin underneath. His body pours out the shadow mists that Lilith's body pours out but it isn't as thick either.


He isn't as strong as Lilith with his shadow powers and his shadow mist has nothing special to it. He can control the shadows but his true power lies in the use of teleporting between shadows. If not then he absorbs dark energy. It is also possible that he can control the wind as well. There are a few unknown abilities that he has. He can summon twin shadow daggers to his hand to fight with. His main power is that he can be absorbed by Lilith at anytime and then be out again as needed. He can summon shadow creatures with his powers. He can see anything (even hidden things) from almost any distance away so he knows when something is coming.


Light, Shadow Energy (because it is not pure shadow energy and therefore can be hurt by shadow energy), and Water.


Darkness (he absorbs darkness so it does little damage), Poison, and Fire.


Wind (Cannot be blown away or be affected by it)


He is merciful to his opponents often letting them live but he maims them first. He likes to cause others pain but will stop if someone asks him to that he believes in which is Lilith. Lupus can be happy but he is usually not happy but extremely cold and distant. He can be loyal but he tends to throw loyalty to the wind.


Lupus is or used to be a multi-colored pikmin until he met up with Lilith who he knew as the Phantom Queen. He was then transformed into a shadow pikmin as he couldn't block the shadow mists from entering inside of his body and it changed him from then on. It blew out his eyes and gave him new visual powers. The shadows reached his mind and changed it to a cruel imitation. He was enslaved by Lilith and will always be at her side. If not then it is for a scouting mission. He has become her forever-seeing eyes.


Main Theme: Destiny (Requiem 12) - Fairuzonss (

Battle Theme: Sector A Battle (Normal Battle1 (Requiem 5)) - Fairuzonss (


The Corruptible, Co Dragons (he was once this with Levia until the two other guys were revived), Evil Minion (what he is now), Neutral Evil, Brainwashed And Crazy, Demonic Possession, Defiled Forever, ...