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Alive and Well


He is a demon that is basically a clear odorless gaseous cloud with no form to it. Of course he could take on a physical form but he rarely does anyway. He still has his eyes in his cloud form and they’re green in color.


There isn’t much say about this guy. He can ignore possession immunities and resistances while taking over someone else’s body. And yet, he only enters those he wants to use. He doesn’t really take control of their body (since he lost that aspect of himself a long time ago). The action that he does instead is maximizing the potential of those that he enters. Of course this is his only power. He ain’t much of a battler (and will avoid battling at all costs). He can take a solid form but this is only temporary.


Holy energy and light…


Unholy energy and darkness…


Physical Attacks (because he's made out of gas...the attacks don't work on him) and poison (well poison just falls through his body)…


He used to be a malevolent being but now he’s actually nice (probably from being with Niko for a really long time). He does still like to play practical jokes on others of which he finds funny. He has a tendency to help others more so than not because he feels that he has to help in some way. It doesn’t matter who is good or evil. He likes to bring out their full potential.


He was rather young when he came out to steal Oracion. He found an angelic pikmin and he took over that pikmin’s body. He called this pikmin, Niko because he couldn’t get the pikmin’s name from him. Once, he fully possessed Niko. He allowed Niko control once again to move back into the city within a dimensional pocket. He waited until Niko got close to where he thought that Oracion was and then fully took control.

He tried to steal it and was caught before he could get outside of the dimensional pocket. He threw Oracion outside of the dimensional pocket and then tried to get out as well by using Niko. He was sealed within Niko and Niko’s powers were sealed as well. Niko turned into a red pikmin and lost all memories about his life. Nekani supported Niko during his time of need. He has now been released and so he still feels that he has a deep connection with Niko.


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Dark is Not Evil, Heel Face Turn, Anti-Hero