Type of CharacterEdit

Sub-boss if suitably motivated; Normal otherwise


Alive and sleepy.


A yellow Pikmin; sports the usual spiked orb on the end of his stalk. Sloth is slighter larger than your average Yellow Pikmin, and has abnormally large forearms. A plethora of curved spines cover his back, and he wears a single goggle over his left eye. Seems perpetually tired.


Despite always seeming tired, Sloth defies his name; he is very fast and incredibly strong. Where I focused my genius into robotics, my Mark II focused on genetics. On himself. I've no idea of the full extent of his capabilities.


Incredibly lazy; he doesn't really seem to want to put forth effort. It can prove to be his undoing, but aside from that, he doesn't seem to have many observable weaknesses. Best stopped by "shutting him down", so to speak; personally, I froze him. He seems to just... give up if something takes too much effort for his tastes.


Good lord, almost everything! Seems utterly implacable, as he was capable of taking a tank shell to the face without slowing down. It takes him a bit to work up to speed, but once he's on a roll it's hard to stop him.


Disease, poison, stuff like that.


Lazy. Sloth seems to almost always be tired. He really is brilliant, it's just that he doesn't want to exert himself. Often gives up if something is too hard, but if he sets his mind to something he's nearly unstoppable.


The second iteration of Omicron in the Experiment line; like Omicron, he was gifted with incredible genius. His creators are unknown. He currently lives on Omicron's Biospheres, usually sleeping.


Main: I Am the Walrus (The Beatles)
Battle: Links 2 3 4 (Rammstein)


Sloth's left eye is incredibly perceptive; he refers to it as "The Ultimate Eye".

Sloth once calculated pi to the last digit. Like Omicron, he refuses to tell anyone what it is.

Tropes that Apply to the CharacterEdit

Lawful Neutral, Brilliant but Lazy, Genius Bruiser, Lightning Bruiser, The Juggernaut, Does Not Know His Own Strength, Heavy Sleeper, Healing Factor, Made of Titanium (This dude can take artillery shells to the face and keep going), Super Speed (When he really wants to move, then DAMN can he move), Too Fast to Stop (... with all the agility of an 18-wheeler), Super Strength