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Transcended State


He looks just like an average black pikmin except for three points of interest. He wears a bandanna, his eyes are silver in color, and he is bigger than the average black pikmin. He carries a sword around with him but he doesn’t use it unless he is forced to do so. He has wings that come from his back but at first appearance it doesn’t look like he has wings at all.


He can controls all the elements and uses them in any number of destructive ways. He can heal himself a little but not much. His eyes are silver because they can control where his attack goes no matter where it was heading before. His eyes allow him to see his enemy at all time no matter where they hide (or they go invisible). He can summon his blade form to use in a fight and go into higher phases to become stronger. If he dies then he becomes his blade form and breaks in half.


He is weak to Water, Light, and Wind.


He resists most of the elements except for water, light, and wind.


Darkness and his mind are protected from mental assault entirely.


Very cruel and a sort of dominate personality. He has a hatred for the one who trapped him within the blade and all he wants is to feel a foe’s blood splattering against him. He is very arrogant except during battle where he acts like the dominate one.


He was a black pikmin that was betrayed by Kei and trapped within a sword via the use of a snapdragon scroll when he was weakened by Kei (known as Ofaia) during one of their training sessions. He was freed from the blade when Jade appeared in Zankrieg for a short while and then out again with Pride's blade (she got him out of the blade when she reached her destination).


Main Theme: Two Steps from Hell - Flameheart (

Battle Theme: Hammer of the Gods 2 - Audiomachine (

Trivia/Creator NotesEdit

  • Pride was a character that I thought up of when I introduced him in his blade form. I originally had him planned to stay inside of his blade form. I changed my mind when I watched the episodes of Bleach on the filler arc. This was the result.


Evil Weapon, Chaotic Evil, Evilly Affable, Best Served Cold (he wants revenge against Kei/Ofaia/Dark Ofaia), Evil Minion, ...