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Undead, Primary Disciple of Unholy


A Black Pikmin wearing plated armor covered over with a tattered scientist’s smock. His flower looks dead. Has a pair of tendrils extending from his upper back. His eyes glow an unholy green. Within the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, he used the runeforges to craft a new sword for himself: Soulrend.


The primary disciple of Unholy, raised by Ark’thugal before he left the city. Putricide holds command over a vast array of Unholy powers. As the primary disciple, he has the power to instantly resurrect any fallen Death Knights - even those not of his team - as well as induct any fallen trio of Black Pikmin into the Death Knight teams by resurrecting and binding them together, though his teammates must be nearby to empower two of them with Blood and Frost.

Unique Ability: Decomposing Aura. Enemies nearby Putricide begin to rot, slowly at first, but increasing in intensity while they remain near him.


The holy light is the bane to him and his power. Fire is likewise an annoyance, as dead flesh, even preserved, burns easily.


Unholy energy, natch. Darkness is futile as well. Killing him seems abnormally difficult. Does not need to be close to his teammates to survive.


Unholy energy. Plague and acid don't seem to have any effect either.


An experimenter by nature, he is curious to see the full extent of his new powers, and observes with sadistic glee the things he is capable of unleashing. Often does things simply because he thinks it might be interesting.


Putricide, alongside Karrak and Koltira, was raised from the dead by Ark'thugal before he left Zankrieg on the war effort. He is the Primary Disciple of Unholy.


Main: Master of Puppets (Metallica)
Battle: The Daleks (Doctor Who)


Based on Professor Putricide. I will feel I have failed at something if I can't get in a "Good news, everyone!" somewhere.

Tropes that Apply to the CharacterEdit

Chaotic Evil, The Evil Genius, The Undead (Revenant), Power Trio (With Koltira and Karrak; Putricide is the Ego), Blatant Lies ("Good news, everyone!" It is never good news), Blade on a Stick, Necromancer, Faux Affably Evil, For Science, For the Evulz, Giggling Villain, Plaguemaster, Walking Wasteland (His unique ability)