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He is named "The Healer" and has earned the nickname, Rain.


He looks like a regular black pikmin minus a detail or two but still the same as one. He doesn't have a miraculous healing ability either for himself. His eyes are entirely an orange color while having a white dot within the center.


He has an extraordinary healing ability which he uses on others. It passes by barriers as well and he can do it from far away or from up close. He has several other healing abilities as well if he needs to use those. Yet he has this whole deal about healing anyone who is hurt. He can sometimes heal others by just looking at them. He can't heal himself but he can do it for others. His healing powers have increased immensely. He has also gained an anti-healing ability that he can use on others.


Light, Water, and Poison (slows him down)


Electricity, Fire, and Ice




Helpful and Willing. He sees himself as a pacifist and a healer for all who come to him both enemies and allies. He is very trusting of others and very friendly. He cares for all who he sees. He is still loyal to the leadership of the black pikmin and to whoever the current leader might be but he tends to be picky about where he stays. He won't fight at all.


He left the "Black Pikmin City" (I'm referring it to this since I can't remember what it was called) to live with his ideals and being a pacifist (does not like being in a war). He has then traveled to a remote place in the world offering his healing abilities to others no matter who they are or if they are good or evil.


Main Theme: Skies of Arcadia OST - Enrique's Theme (


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Badass Pacifist, Chaotic Good, Sheathe Your Sword, Full Contact Magic, and...