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Alive, Clone

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Instead of what Clone 1 was based off this was accidentally made via the use of other's blood plus Keijo's DNA. He is actually a mix-up of different DNAs put together. His right arm ends in a electric whip. His other arm is actually split up into two arms. One of the arms has a draconic head at its end while the other is normal. His whole body is a mix-up of different colors (literally you won't be able to tell what color he is primarily (or is covered the most of). He has a seven tails spreading from his back side. Each one is of a different color. The draconic-like arm head is black in color (same as that arm). He has less bio-nanites than Clone 1 but more than the original. He still looks like Keijo in a few more details. He has no leaf but a star shaped object floats above his head. The tails are way longer then he is.


This one is not one to be messed with. No healing power like clone 1. His entire power is unknown. He is a master at using electricity and manipulating electricity. All of his tails have a full blown piercing quality to them but all of them have separate powers. He has a natural ability to use the air as a stepping stone. He has a hidden set of abilities that he doesn't use unless provoked. His whip is naturally filled with electricity which can hurt someone really bad if it touches them but most of the time it is used for stunning others (even those immune to electricity).


Earth, Ice, and darkness


Fire, Water, Wind, and Light


Electricity (not-able-to-be-pierced-at-all).


Quite the most down right and unfriendly being. He has no problem killing and has a thing for plunging his hand through someone's neck when killing them. He is a cold heartless murderer who takes no nonsense from anyone. He has a staunch loyalty to the original Keijo and acts like a brother to clone 1.


Created on a whim by Keijo. He has no memories at all except that he is a cold heartless murderer and that Keijo is his master. He is located in a lab in a oddly covered forest.


Main Theme: Fire in the Sky - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (

Battle Theme: Battle Scherzo - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (


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Chaotic Evil, Evil Twin (well more eviler than Keijo is (which Keijo is very smal on the evil scale), Eviler Than Thou (especially with Keijo), Cold Blooded Torture (he does this the most), and...