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He is a very odd dark red pikmin for he seems to be all colors at once and then no colors at all. He wears on his back one blade (with multiple special abilities imbued within it). The blade itself is yellow in its entirety and is a long sword (its type) but a little bit curved. Very few of them are ability boosting ones. The eyes are regular. His flower is white.


His powers are all related to physical attacks as he cannot control the elements but his blades are imbued with abilities to empower himself even further with their strength. His eyes can change which refers to which ability he may be using. He is really fast with his attacks and doesn’t let up for one second. His attacks happen within a split second after he pulls out his blade (which is also in that split second). He can cause a lot of damage by just pulling his blade out when the blade starts to glow. He isn’t fatigued by battle. His blade can split into seven different blades which he uses to his advantage. He can slowly regenerate himself. He can become far stronger than he is right now but he stays at this level of power that he has right now. He does have a few healing abilities that he can use on others and he can cast guarding spells over himself if needed. He is a master at using seven swords at once.


All the elements (ranging from very little weakness to Achilles’ heel style weakness).


Blood and Holy energy


Physical attacks (exceptionally hard skin that is not able to be pierced) and Fatigue (not able to be tired out).


He is very honorable and doesn’t think much about others’ ability. He has much of a master's personality when he talks with someone. He considers anyone facing him a temporarily student of his or sometimes a sparring partner if they are equal or greater at him in fighting. He rarely shows any other emotion than being proud of what someone else has done while they were with him.


He was someone who disappeared a long time ago after Kei fought against him and now he has reappeared for some reason but much weaker than he was long ago. He apparently has no grudges against Kei but is watching carefully how Kei is doing as he is sort of a guardian to Kei.


Main Theme: Iron Soul - Two Steps From Hell (

Battle Theme: Timebomb - Two Steps From Hell (


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Chaotic Good, The Watcher (most of the time), The Old Master, Older and Wiser, Really Seven Hundred Years Old, Dual Wielding, and...