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Alive, Elemental of Ice


A Teal Pikmin, one of only two. As an Experiment, he has the usual orb at the end of his stalk, teal of course. Crystal-like growths cover his hands, with several more growths extending from the back of his head, upper back, and chest. He does not have actual feet; the bottoms of his legs end in stumps covered with the crystalline growths. His eyes glow an ethereal, icy blue, and he is clad in Saronite armor with fur trappings underneath, as well as a large, heavy cape. He wields Frostmourne, a powerful runesword.


Theta's claim to being an Experiment is because he was forcibly merged with an Ice Seraphim; unlike the usual merging process, he and the Seraphim cannot be separated without killing both. Theta has forgotten both their old names, and does not care to remember either's past. Being a Teal Pikmin with an Ice Seraphim makes him extremely powerful, with almost complete command over ice. He appears to be capable of repairing his body simply by freezing himself, and in Gloomy Glacier, he's practically invincible.


Extreme heat, and virtually nothing else.


Has a surprising resistance to physical damage and does not seem to bleed. He's even borderline impossible to kill; should his body be heavily damaged, his orb falls off and freezes his surroundings until it can reform his body, something no other Experiment can do.


Ice, obviously.


True Neutral, Theta is like a force of nature. He does not involve himself in anything that doesn't concern him. However, once he is set on a goal, he is virtually unstoppable. Other than that, his personality is rather blank, and he is not very social; about the only other Pikmin he trusts is Sapphire, his Mark II.


Once an ordinary Teal Pikmin, he was abducted and brought into the Experiment line, then merged with an Ice Seraphim. He remembers little of his old lives, and prefers it that way.


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Theta is one of two of the last Teal Pikmin, as almost all others were wiped out; the other survivor is Sapphire, Theta Mark II.

Tropes that Apply to the CharacterEdit

True Neutral (Sliding toward Neutral Good), An Ice Person, Defrosting Ice King, The Quiet One, Beware the Quiet Ones, Mighty Glacier, Last of His Kind (One of two), BFS (Frostmourne), Infinity Plus One Sword (See previous), Anti Hero (Type III), The Unfettered, Good is Not Nice, Death Glare (A very effective one)