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He appears a rather young white pikmin despite the meaning of his name. He is of a much bigger sort than any other white pikmin and his flower seems to revolve around him instead of being attached to his head. He carries a sword on his back and on his right side, a gun. His eyes are teal in color. His blood if ever looked at is yellow in color.


He uses a gun with pent up energy inside of it. If he goes into his later forms then he becomes a living gun (with his body becoming riddled with gun barrels all over his body). Each form is more powerful after the last one. If he dies then he returns to his sword form and breaks in half. He does have a few extra powers of which he doesn’t use unless absolutely necessary. They haven’t been seen.


Water, Light, Earth


Fire, Darkness, Ice, and Poison (slows him down as his irregular blood doesn’t flow in the least and so that the poison cannot go anywhere at all).


Holy and Unholy


He’s very wise in both battle and out of battle. He knows when to stop fighting and run away which he does often if he is outmatched. He only starts a battle that he knows that he can win after analyzing the opponent’s tactics. He is the analyzer of the sword spirit group. He can be quite playful when he wants to be.


He was freed from his sword prison by Jade and bended to her will. He wanted to be left out of battle but that hasn’t happened so far.


Main Theme: Edge of Madness - Persona 4 (

Battle Theme: Ghost Gulping (Tubba Blubba Boss Battle) - Paper Mario (

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Friendly Sniper, Sniper Pistol (has one), More Dakka, Neutral Good, Quick Draw, The Musketeer, Nerves of Steel, Guile Hero, Bad