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Moderately Low


He is a blue flame spirit filled to the brim with fire energy. He seems to be able to take the form of a regular red pikmin but most of the time he doesn’t try because he likes being able to float around. He does have a ring of fire around him which can either grow in size to envelop him or shrink down to almost nothing.


His powers are somewhat for regenerative purposes and somewhat for attacking purposes. He is mainly for attacking and so his healing skills are somewhat lacking but he can heal himself when needed if it is a small injury (with his own fire but most of the time he goes to a spot filled with the fire element to heal himself). He cannot be killed by a physical attack (still can be hurt by one). He splits apart if hit by a physical attack into several smaller versions of himself and he can recombine really fast. If he is still in his small versions of himself then he can use a combined group attack to at least drive away the foe who tried to kill him. He is personally very good at evading attack as he is speedy in his reaction time and body movements (but not for very long distances). He can completely disappear by making his body becoming too clear to even see. He can use fire to travel around in or use the magma flow beneath the earth’s crust to travel around in if needed.






Fire (healed by it)


He is very upright about himself and believes himself better than any other being. He believes himself better than the other elemental spirits born from Keijo’s experiments and he hates Keijo. He only battles if he finds it to be the right thing to do. He decides pretty much on the split second and doesn’t take kindly to other beings except those who control fire meaning that if you control fire then you’re a friend of his.


He was born in another accident in one of the same experiments running at the time at one of Keijo’s labs on the main continent. There is nothing else known about him except that he disappeared from the lab after he was born.


Main Theme: Course of Action - Future World Action (

Battle Theme: Battle of the Kings (Prince Caspian) - Audiomachine (


He's an elemental spirit of fire.


Chaotic Evil, Crazy Awesome, Cool People Rebel Against Authority, Pyro Maniac, and...