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Present look: He looks like an orange pikmin with black stripes under his eyes and three black stripes running across his shoulder and one going down his legs. He is still see through and has three cores within his body. He has a green one, he has a red one, and a purple one. He does now appear to have eyes but they tend to wander a bit. All of his data is pretty much orange.


He can switch what style he takes to at any time meaning that his abilities change at any given time. Each and every style that he has gives him new abilities and a new deadly secret is within each one. You cannot tell when he switches styles. There is no knowing of what he can do or what he will unleash because his abilities in his set styles can change to a different set of abilities for that style. He cannot leave the computer systems or the virtual realm that he is in so he stays there. He has a hoard of new powers from the hyper virus core that he can use. He can absorb others into his body but it can only happen when they are weakened to a certain point. He has both an artificial intelligence core and a virus core within his body along with his own core. These two allow much more power and makes him extremely powerful with his abilities. He can literally summon any being within the virtual world to him.


Changes based on style... (when he does not have a style, he has no weaknesses)


Changes based on style... (When he does not have a style, he has no resistances)


Cannot be deleted permanently unless you get all the back-up files that has his glitch sequence in them (he'll appear back within three days time and can change into any style now after he is reborn) --


He has changed much since his creation and has become much colder.

Note: His change of personality is due to the hyper virus core within his body.
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He has changed after absorbed the hyper virus core. He's becoming much more of a problem then before.


Bleach: Fade to Black - B07a ( (Main Theme)

Claymore: Ginme no Majo - Final Battle ( (Battle Theme)


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Contagious AI, The Computer Is A Cheating *******, Big Bad, Rubber Band AI, Everything is Online, Evil Overlord, You Will Be Assimilated, The Virus, ... [[Category:Computer Residents]